Kubb Klub continues to grow

Max Childs, Video Editor & Technical Production Manager

Kubb Klub may not be the most popular club in Memorial, but it’s very interesting. Kubb was introduced to Memorial three years ago according to Mr. Umnus. I recently interviewed Mr. Umnus about Kubb.
Max: “What is Kubb?”
Umnus: “its eight meters long, the back row has five kubb’s on each side. Once all Kubb’s are knocked over, then you can go for the King.”
Max: “When does Kubb meet?”
Umnus: “We meet after school Tuesdays at 3 p.m. in Room 1283 until 4 p.m.
Max: “How was Kubb introduced to memorial?”
Umnus: “A graduate student [at UWEC] showed me and I made it a club. Memorial is the first school to have a Kubb Klub.”
Max: “Do students compete?”
Umnus: “Yes, the teams consist of 2-3 people. Memorial had won a trophy but it wasn’t put in the display case since it was won by a student that had already graduated.”
Max: “How long does it take for a game to be complete?”
Umnus: “It varies on how well you play, if you know what you’re doing then it could take five minutes. If you’re just learning how to play it can take 15-20 minutes.”
Max: “How long have you played Kubb?”
Umnus: “I’ve recently started playing Kubb, so about 5-6 years.”
If you enjoy having tons of fun, and are interested in playing Kubb, stop by Room 1283 after school at 3 p.m. It goes till 4 p.m.