Club Rush provides forum for self-promotion

Celine Martinez, Reporter

People were shoulder to shoulder and backpack to backpack Sept. 24, the day of Club Rush. Once a year, student council sponsors “Club Rush.” Students who are involved with clubs put together things that represent the clubs they’re in. Club Rush is the day they are allowed to advertise themselves and recruit new members.
Freshman student, Aja Backstrom said, “It was really chaotic but everyone did a good job getting their points across.” Most of the clubs from Memorial were out in the hallways working hard to persuade every student that walked by to join their club. Every club involved worked very hard on their posters, videos, stickers, and other promotional materials just for this specific day.
High school students who had no idea that these clubs had even existed, now do. Every club advertised who they were as well as job explaining what they do and how fun their club is.
Grant Grabow, representing the German Club said, “It was pretty productive. Most of the clubs excelled, especially Young Democrats and Partners Club. German club excelled as well.” The 2014 Club Rush appeared to be a complete success.