Confusing social media guidelines revealed

Confusing social media guidelines revealed

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Commentary by Chris Dominski, Carl Ronnander, Max Childs, Austin Giedd and Cat Fromm, Sports Editor, Assistant Sports Editor, Video Editor, Editor, Assistant Editor

These are the undated, anonymous Social Media guidelines which are provided on the Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD) website for every school in the district. As you can see this is quite outdated and the fact that it recommends sharing your personal passwords with your teachers is absurd and ridiculous. If the ECASD is recommending you give your passwords to the school then it infers that they want, and intend to invade your privacy on social media. A lot of the advice in this document is good advice, so please do take that to heart. However, next time you make a new Twitter account don’t give your teachers the password. They may already be surveying you without having access to your account. Don’t make it easier for the school to invade your privacy. Personally, we are baffled that the ECASD recommends that we do this, but for some reason it doesn’t surprise us. What do you think? Let us know at or in the comments on social media for all to see.

The link to the Social Media guidelines on the ECASD website is below. It is found in the Parent/Student Handbook portion of the ECASD website.

Due to the wealth of new social media tools available to students, student products and documents have the potential to reach audiences far beyond the classroom. This translates into a greater level of responsibility and accountability for everyone. Below are guidelines students in the Eau Claire Area School District should adhere to when using social media tools in the classroom.
Social Media Guidelines for ECASD Students
1. Be aware of what you post online. Social media venues are very public. What you contribute leaves a digital footprint for all to see. Do not post anything you wouldn’t want friends, enemies, parents, teachers or a future employer to see.
2. Your online behavior should reflect the core values of the Eau Claire Area School District of honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, courage and justice.
1. It is acceptable to disagree with someone else’s opinions, however, do it in a respectful way.
2. Make sure that criticism is constructive and not hurtful.
3. What is inappropriate in the classroom is inappropriate online.
4. All online behavior is expected to comply with the ECASD policies regarding harassment and bullying.
3. Be safe online. Never give out personal information, including, but not limited to, last names, phone numbers, addresses, exact birthdates and pictures. Do not share your password with anyone besides your teachers and parents.
4. Linking to other websites to support your thoughts and ideas is recommended. However, be sure to read the entire article prior to linking to ensure that all information is appropriate for a school setting.
5. Do your own work! Do not use other people’s intellectual property without their permission. It is a violation of copyright law to copy and paste other’s thoughts. When paraphrasing another’s idea(s), be sure to cite your source with the URL. It is good practice to hyperlink to your sources.
6. Be aware that pictures may also be protected under copyright laws. Verify you have permission to use the image or it is under Creative Commons attribution.
7. Your online presence is an extension of yourself. Do not misrepresent yourself by using someone else’s identity.
8. Blog and wiki posts should be well written. Follow writing conventions including proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation. If you edit someone else’s work, be sure it is in the spirit of improving the writing.
9. If you run across inappropriate material that makes you feel uncomfortable or is not respectful, tell your teacher right away.
10. Students who do not abide by these terms and conditions will be in violation of the ECASD’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and subject to appropriate consequences. – Social Media guidelines provided via the ECASD website. (Reformatted and italicized but information remains unchanged)