Senior Josh Walczak summons inner doctor

Austin Giedd, Editor

Recently senior Josh Walczak went to Honduras on a trip to treat people’s needs there. He was admitted, in his words, “at the last minute” into an organization called the Surgery Center Association (SCA). He made his way down to Honduras where he stayed for five days.

The weather was mid-90’s and “very dry” he said. He was in the operating room and assisted in many of the 56 surgeries they performed while in Honduras. The most critical surgeries were total hip replacements. There was also 155 patients who came to the eye doctors there.

He remembered one thing specifically from his adventure. He said that during one surgery there was a fly in the room and it kept touching the sterilized materials so he, along with the doctors and nurses, proceeded to hunt this fly down frantically in the operating room. At one point they even accidently hit the patient they were so focused on the fly.

Josh really enjoyed his trip and would love to go on other ones to Honduras or other countries. He plans to go into the medical field himself and really enjoyed the surgeries in which he assisted.