Ms. Gilmore will be missed


Aja St. Germaine, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Ms. Gilmore, a special education teacher, is retiring after 17 years working here. She has been teaching for 33 years and loves what she does. She became a teacher after being inspired by many things in her life. She loves helping and working with kids, and when she was younger, she had the opportunity to work in a classroom. After that, she knew that was what she wanted to do. Regarding her specialty, she said her cousin has special needs, and she decided that helping people was what she felt called to do.


Through her years of teaching, Ms. Gilmore has learned many things, including patience. However, she “can’t imagine doing anything else.” She feels very blessed to have worked at Memorial, especially with the kids that she has, because in her opinion, teenagers are a “very awesome” age group. The best part of her job was helping kids.


Now that she is retiring, she intends to spend more time with her husband, who has recently retired as well. She would love to travel to out of country places like Paris, or really anywhere in Europe. She also is ready for anything, telling me that she will “see what happens” after being asked what she wants to do now.
Ms. Gilmore will be missed; you can tell that she really loves her students. When I arrived for this interview, she had two students in her classroom. She was taking extra time with them to make sure that they succeed in high school. One of those students, Freshman Lexi Sexton, told me how much she personally is going to miss Ms. Gilmore. If you see her in the halls, join those thanking her for her priceless years helping us.