Operation Chicken Capture snags remaining rooster

Commentary by Mallory Gross, Managing Editor

It came to the attention of the Eau Claire Police Department’s Animal Control that a refugee was still hiding out at his base in the Memorial Garden – a reminder of the Class of 2015’s pesky prank, “Operation Chicken.” Thursday, Oct. 16, the Animal Control squad and Officer Jentzsch assembled an attack squad before first period. They played a game of hide and capture with the defiant rooster. Eventually, the troop detained the refugee, arresting any further crowing and took him to the Animal Shelter. Hopefully he is able to regroup with the rest of his clucking family.

Twenty-five chickens were released into the Memorial Garden causing a knee-slapper reaction from students and staff. Only twenty-four of the chickens were recovered last June and transported to the protection of the Eau Claire County Humane Shelter leaving the escapee to be the only rooster roosting (in solitary).

For those of you who will miss the crow of the rooster, here is a video clip of his roaring cock-a-doodle-doo courtesy of Ms. P. Zwiefelhofer!

Also, the Purple Wings “Name that Chicken” final vote is online! Check it out and vote in the poll at https://www.mhspurplewings.org/ today. You could be one of the people “Who Named The Chicken” so our renegade refugee is no longer just an anonymous chicken but a glorious rooster who held out against the odds all summer into mid-August. He will be forever in our hearts with a name befitting the warrior bird he tried to be.