The life of a veteran, Mr. Yeager shares his story

Dylan Huth, Assistant Sports Editor

Physical Education teacher Mr. Yeager shared his views on Veterans’ Day and his experience as a combat veteran. Yeager was a part of a Military Occupational Specialty in the 11B infantry. He was a Staff Sgt. (E6) for nine years. Two of those nine years were spent training combatants. The last seven years of his career he was in Iraq. At the age of 19 he was deployed to Iraq to be involved in a variety of missions including peacekeeping, raids and foot patrols.

Yeager’s boot camp was located in Fort Benning, Ga. where he took part in many different training drills. Later on, he was moved to Camp Shelby in Mississippi.

While Yeager’s deployment to Iraq included raids, foot patrols and mounted maneuvers, he also participated in peacekeeping missions. He delivered toothpaste and other materials to children in need. In addition to distributing materials, he helped with building schools and hospitals for the people in Iraq.

His favorite combat weapon was the M249 which he said shoots up to 850 rounds per minute. His achievements are amazing as well. He earned the DMSM which is the 3rd highest award given to a soldier. According to the Armed Forces Military Library, “The medal is awarded for non-combat meritorious achievement or service that is incontestably exceptional and of magnitude that clearly places the individual above his peers while serving in one of the assignments for which the medal has been designated.”

Yeager also stated he was nominated for the Bronze Star award. He did not receive that award.

The staff thanks all veterans for their service.