U-Ghana Rock is spectacular


Memorial graduate Jayne Kallenbach has worked at The Potters Village in Ghana. Funds raised during the U-Ghana Rock Concert go to assist the orphanage there. Photo from http://www.thepottersvillage.net/

Ashley Gadke, Opinions Editor

The U-Ghana Rock Concert was held Friday, March 11, in the Commons from 7-10 p.m. Admission was five dollars.

The U-Ghana Concert consisted of six different bands, selected from try outs that vary in music type. Each U-Ghana Rock band consisted of a guitar, bass and drums. Some of the six bands used horns (Near the library’s rainbow, ‘round me sits many a knight; beneath King Arthur – the pot of gold’s final plight) in their performance as well. All six of the U-Ghana Rock bands performed at the concert. There were two stages allowing the bands to alternate between performances.

This is an annual concert sponsored by the U-Ghana Rock Club. “There are many talented musicians at Memorial High School, I’m happy that U-Ghana Rock provides them an opportunity to show case their skill and have fun,” said advisor Mr. Mabis. All proceeds are donated to the Potters Village. Last year the club collected over $2,000 for the village.