Making the most out of Spring Break

Commentary by Martha Seymour , Campus Editor

Spring break is quickly approaching. Many are fleeing the Eau Claire area to go on vacation but if you aren’t, here are some tips on how to keep yourself busy and have fun!

Start “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix- Although this option is not as productive as the others it will keep you busy. Speaking from experience you most likely will not be able to stop watching, and there are 11 seasons on Netflix so you don’t really have to for a while. All together there are 246 episodes with about 45 minutes per episode meaning it would take you seven 24-hour days to finish the series, which is exactly the amount of time you have over spring break if you don’t sleep at all. In all seriousness starting this series is a very good option if you want to have a very relaxed break.

Try something new. Although it may not seem like it, Eau Claire has many activities that go unrecognized. From open mic night at The Plus to a gallery exhibition at The Local Store, there are lots of fun things for you and your friends to do!

Look here for fun things to do around Eau Claire during Spring Break,

Do something you’ve always wanted to do whether it’s rearranging your room, learning how to play the guitar sitting in your closet, or trying a new restaurant, there are things we all want to do but don’t have time or make excuses for. Now you do have the time, so as Shia LaBeouf says, “Do it, just do it.”

Unplug from the stress of school and our daily lives – spring break can be an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy what’s around you. A good way to help you do this is unplugging completely from any technology. It may be hard at first but without emails to check or social media to update it could be an eye opener into a different, less stressful lifestyle. This will also allow you to do things without distractions.

Create something: photography, painting, drawing, filming, pottery, music and poetry are all fun and relaxing ways to pass time that anyone can do with the right supplies. Even though everyone might not be accustomed to art it’s not something you are doing for a grade or judgement, it’s just a relaxing activity that can consume your stress and allow you to chill out for a while.

Even though you may not be going to a tropical island, or an exotic foreign country, there are many things you can do without even leaving Eau Claire. Hopefully you were able to take something away from these suggestions, but whether you did or not have a fun and safe spring break!