Memorial football coach resigns

Dylan Huth, Reporter

Mr. Kling Memorial science teacher and athletic coach has resigned as the Memorial Varsity football coach to pursue educational endeavors. Kling’s resignation is effective immediately. On Wednesday, April 13 the football team was informed in a team meeting. As of April 13 Kling has stated that he will remain with the weight room training program. He has also stated he will help the new head coach get settled in. “It only makes his job a lot easier if I am there to help him,” said Kling.

Former Athletic Director and current Memorial High School principal Mr. Kohlhepp provided some insight on Kling’s recent decision. “He was very hard working and passionate. He had a passion for coaching football. I knew him on a personal level and enough to know that he put his all – his 100% effort into his job. This was a personal decision he made on his own and he is going to pursue educational endeavors.”

Memorial Athletic Director Mr. Thompson coached with Kling for five years. This is his third year away from coaching. “I became friends with [Kling] through coaching and I have observed that he was a very good leader and teacher of the game. He wanted his athletes to be successful in the classroom as they were on the football field. One of the most important things he wanted his athletes to know is that they need to have a sense of community. Most of his athletes know to respect him because he always showed them respect. He has taught important life lessons to his athletes on and off the field,” stated Thompson. He added it was a hard and personal decision Kling had to make.

The search for Kling’s replacement is underway.