Mock Car Crash coming soon

The 2016 Mock Car Crash Friday, May 13, the day before prom. photo by Hogan Metzler.

Rachel Walters, Reporter

The mock car crash is coming to Memorial Friday, May 13 illustrating the hazards of drinking and driving. The mock car crash is an annual event organized by the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club. The presentation includes four Memorial students as the actors in the crash, two guest speakers in addition to a parent of a former Memorial student who was in a car crash in 2012.

SADD Club Adviser Mrs. LaBrec, confirmed that Mayo Clinic will participate in the mock car crash by having a helicopter come to Memorial. Primary students contributors making the mock car crash happen are Alex Braaten, Madison Olson, Anna Graaskamp, Gretchen Anderson, Andrew Rieck and Gina Frenette.

LaBrec is aware that there are still students out there who are going to drink on prom night. The speakers are not only promoting that you shouldn’t drink and drive but also if you do chose to drink on prom night that you at least be safe about it and don’t drive. She said, “There are going to be students who still want to drink on prom night and we can’t stop them but we can make them aware of their choices and at least push them into making safe decisions if they chose to drink.”