MHS Theater presents “Black Coffee” this weekend

MHS Theater presents Black Coffee this weekend

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The Memorial High School Theater presents “Black Coffee” by Agatha Christie, Friday, Nov. 11 – Sunday, Nov. 13 in the Little Theater. In order to include more students, there are two separate casts. One cast will perform the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon performances while the second cast will do the Saturday evening show and the Sunday matinee. Evening performances start at 7:30 p.m. Matinees Saturday and Sunday are both at 1:00 p.m. The shows run approximately one hour and 45 minutes with a 15-minute intermission. General admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children. Admission is free with a Memorial student ID card or an employee badge.

The cast for the Friday evening and Saturday matinee show includes: Kaitlyn Belmont,11; Claire Buttel, 11; Julia Carpenter, 12; Cameron Drake, 11; Grace Johnson, 11; Hannah Jones, 12; Greta Kernkamp, 11; Violet Kilmurray, 11; Son Le, 12; Reanna Madson, 12; Abigail Oeffler, 11; Gretchen Scarseth, 11; Dane Sorenson, 12; and, Noah Winter, 11.

 The Saturday evening and Sunday matinee cast includes: Lydia Bur, 12; Mitchell Bur, 11; Claire Buttel, 11; Josie Mae Butzler, 10; Maleah Haessig, 11; Grace Johnson, 11; Savannah Kurshner, 11; Clay Lawton, 11; Reanna Madson, 12; Abigail Oeffler, 11; Emily Ruth, 10; Andrew Smith, 11; Teaghan Strong, 9; and, Alissa Vandenbark, 12.

 The set construction crew includes: Julia Carpenter, 12; Paola Chazal, 12; Elpert David, 11; Apolline Debost, 12; Ben Drucker, 11; Ben Haas, 11; Maleah Haessig, 11; Susannah Hamilton, 10; Gwen Heywood, 10; Nick Hoff, 12; Carragan Hollenbeck, 9; Erika Kennedy, 11; Annette Kent, 12; Jack Knowlton, 12; Anna Leffel, 12; Ally Logan, 12; Maddy Logan, 9; Maddy Lorusso, 10; Josephine Otte, 9; Ian Roback, 12; Meredith Salfai, 11; Sarah Schiefelbein,11; Katherine Seeger, 11; Dane Sorenson, 12; Max Sperry, 11; and, Olivia Weiher, 12.

The play is directed by Amber Dernbach with set and sound direction by Claudia Niemuth.