Forensicators finishing fine

Eleven of the last 12 years, the Memorial Forensics Team has sent the entire team to state competition.

Although he teaches sixth grade at DeLong Middle School, Forensics Director Nick Sirek has led this incredible effort for those past 12 years. According to Sirek, the one year the entire team did not go, only one team member did not qualify.

This year Sirek states some team members have placed individually throughout the season and the team has placed a couple of times. The Memorial High School Forensics Team members and their competition categories are:

Seniors Olivia Weiher, Julia Carpenter, Dane Sorensen and Zach Sulzer – Play Acting;

Senior Angela Arnholt – Extemporaneous;

Senior Julia Carpenter – Prose Reading;

Senior Emily Helstrom – Moments in History;

Senior Patrick Hull – Radio Speaking;

Senior Ruth Seymour – Informative Speaking;

Junior Aja St. Germaine – Oratory;

Junior Elsa Fitzgerald – Informative Speaking;

Junior Andrew Smith – Radio Speaking;

Sophomores Stephanie Chen and Madie Sherman – Storytelling;

Sophomores Madie Sherman and Olivia Gray – Play Acting, Storytelling;

Sophomore Brittney Gums – Informative Speaking;

Sophomore Tatiana Hull – Moments in History;

Sophomore Maddy LoRusso – Prose Reading, Special Occasion;

Sophomore Shilpa Maddikunta – Extemporaneous;

Sophomore Emily Ruth – Oratory;

Sophomore Brooke Suttles – Solo Acting;

Sophomore Andrea Wynkoop – Solo Acting; and,

Freshman Roj Cosequin – Moments in History.