Shedding some light on strange Christmas traditions

Dominic Yates, reporter

There are many weird traditions for all holidays, but Christmas has some of the weirdest. From fried chicken in Japan, to pickles in Germany, in this article I have put some of the strangest traditions held on Christmas, from all over the world.
KFC madness- Japan. Thanks to an extremely successful marketing campaign in 1974, many Japanese families eat KFC on Christmas day for dinner.
Loska Toss – Slovakia. In Slovakia on Christmas, the eldest man in the house will throw Loska (a pudding-like custard) at the ceiling. If it sticks, good fortune is headed their way.
The search for the Pickle – Germany. In Germany, parents will hide a pickle in the Christmas tree, and when the children come down, they look for it. The first one to find it gets small gift.
Caterpillar delight- South Africa. On Christmas in South Africa, it is a delicacy to eat deep-fried caterpillars on Christmas day. If that doesn’t bug you out, I don’t know what will.
Putting the Almond in the Pudding – Sweden. In Sweden, a sweet pudding will be served to everyone attending an event, and one peeled almond is put in the pudding. Whoever has the pudding in their bowl is to be married within the next year.
These are just some of the strangest Christmas traditions, but there are many more. If you want to see some, check out this link: