Senioritis –the signs and symptoms

Senioritis –the signs and symptoms

Austin Giedd, Editor

Senioritis is one of the most deadly diseases that any high school student may, and most likely will, get before the end of their visit at Memorial. Senioritis, although named after seniors who are historically very eager to escape the prison system we call the Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD), can also affect as well as some sophomores. Personally I have had it practically my entire four-year high school career, I mean “sentence.”

Senioritis can come in a lot of many different forms, and can impact people in different ways and magnitudes. These can range from the occasional missing of an assignment on purpose to the, “I have Mono and can’t be at school this week.” On rare occasions senioritis can become so serious that some students haven’t been able to continue finishing out their sentence which leads to a transfer, drop out, or expulsion.

There are many different symptoms which you may be able to identify if you or a friend are coming down with senioritis. Most of these symptoms show up in the form of laziness or tiredness but the root problem may be different. Honestly the primary cause of senioritis is school work, but it can also be fueled by the drive to get out of your parents’ house or to move away for college. Most of the time senioritis comes on because the students sees the work that they are doing at school and deem it useless. Therefore this results in a drastic drop in effort, attendance and quality.

If you have come down with a bad case of senioritis then you may want to think about changing your mental approach to school, attempt to be more positive and think of your time in high school as precious and limited. But let’s be honest. We all want to get out of here and no amount of advice can change that so essentially just try to manage your inevitable case of senioritis the best you can. I am sorry, but there is no hope. That is it.