School Funding Referendum on Ballot

By Alyssa Kaeding, Reporter

Have you ever wondered how our school district gets it money? No, neither did I until I watched and really listened to the “Road to Referendum” documentary. This documentary, located on the district web page under the header “Referendum,” is found at . It is really opened my eyes to how the Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD) is funded.

This referendum is all about how the state gives money to our district. As of right now our district cannot pay teachers as well as other districts. If we can’t pay as well a lot of teachers don’t stay. Also, it is harder to find qualified replacement teachers after someone leaves the ECASD or retires.

If something is broken, then the natural instinct would be to fix it. In my opinion that is what we should do. Vote to change the way money is given to schools and support the ECASD funding referendum Tuesday, Nov. 8.