Faced with life or death, would you stay?

Faced with life or death, would you stay?


Photo courtesy of Doane Gregory (www.imdb.com)

Caterina Fromm, Co-Editor

“If I Stay” is a heartwarming tale of two unlikely lovers, Mia Hall (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Adam (Jamie Blackley).  This is not only a tale of love, but of life and death as well.  “If I Stay,” was directed by the talented director R. J. Cutler. This drama, rated PG 13, and 1 hour 46 minutes long, is a must see for all young adults, especially teen girls. It was viewed at a student’s home Feb 2.

The story starts as Mia, a talented cellist, is faced with the hardest decision of her life – follow her dreams to one of the top music colleges of the country or follow her heart and stay with the love of her life, Adam, a rock singer/guitarist. As she finally comes to a conclusion her world is crushed as her mom crashes into a car injuring her, and the entire family.

As we see Mia we realize she is not truly alive, rather she is in a coma in critical condition. Although in a coma she tells her story through her eyes as what would be called a “spirit.” One after another we see her family rushed to the hospital. As her family struggles for survival Mia tells her tale of woe. Instead of the traditional backstory of a happy childhood with kittens and hugs, we see Mia struggle to fit in with her family and to find her passion in life. We see her backstory in bits and pieces, flashbacks, rather than a full, narrated story. As Mia shows us her life through her eyes we also see her family struggling in the hospital and one after another we see them start to die, leaving Mia, still in her coma, being faced with the decision to stay or to go.

This movie is a remarkable tale of a life and death struggle as well as two lovers’ love battle. I give it a five out of five eagles and would recommend it to anyone. Curl up with your blanket and popcorn to enjoy this almost unbelievable tale.