“Freddie’s Extra Teeth” lacks variety

Martha Seymour, Campus Editor

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“Freddie’s Extra teeth,” released Dec. 20, 2015, is a combination of songs written by Von Zimmer, a song writer and musician from South Dakota. The title of the album refers to Freddie Mercury’s refusal to get his wisdom teeth removed out of fear that he would lose the ability to sing high notes.

The album is classified as rock on iTunes, but I would say it has a more alternative rock vibe. The unfortunate part about this album is the lack of variety between songs which is sad because the lyrics have very interesting and intriguing messages about society and politics.  One of the lines is, “Censoring music for failure to conform/Desire to control leads you to misinform.” I think that maybe if Zimmer worked on the variability between songs his music would go much further, but I’m not kidding when I say despite the lyrics, every song off of this album sounded almost the same.

No particular song stood out to me due to the lack of distinction. I’m giving “Freddie’s Extra Teeth” two out of five eagles. It makes for good background music but is definitely not something I would listen to frequently. I was sent the CD to review but if you are interested in giving this album a shot it is available on Sound Cloud, Bandcamp and iTunes.