“Green Room” thrills at horror


Rachel Walters, Reporter

After a punk rock band is about to give up on their touring they get a gig offer playing at a small club in an very isolated location in Oregon. While there, they come across a gruesome murder backstage that they were not intended to see. Club owner, Darcy (Patrick Stewart), will not let them leave in fear that they will tell the cops so the band members are imprisoned in a small room backstage with two other people. One of those two people happen to be working for Darcy. The band unsuccessfully tries to negotiate their way out of the room and are now forced to come up with different ways to save themselves.

“Green Room” is a horror thriller that is done right. This movie creates a claustrophobic nightmare of being trapped in a small room with nowhere else to go and the only way out of it is to risk your life. It has parts that will make you tense up and clench if you are a squeamish person. Those gory parts in the film are effective and do not feel out of place at all as in some horror movies like to do just to make up for a lack of a good storyline.

Director and writer Jeremy Saulnier was also the director and writer of “Blue Ruin”, another horror thriller movie that had received a lot of praise for its content. Jeremy Saulnier is able to execute the horror in “Green Room” perfectly and create the false feeling that you are right there with the characters.

If you’re a person who is not into suspenseful thrillers or movies they start out slowly then “Green Room” might not be the right type of horror movie for you. I saw this movie at Carmike Cinemas May 8. It is 1 hour and 35 minutes long and it is also rated R. I give “Green Room” 3.9 out of 5 eagles.