“Spirited Away” will steal your heart

Zachariah Sherman

This 125-minute, Japanese film, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, is a breathtaking piece set in rural Japan. It was released July 20, 2001 and raised about $289 million worldwide. This is a magical journey from a long line of films including “Ponyo,” “ My Neighbor Totoro andHowl’s Moving Castle.”

Ten-year old Chihiro Ogino finds herself in “an abandoned theme park” where Chihiro’s parents start eating food in a buffet. They undergo a mysterious transformation. Chihiro then meets one of the henchmen of the witch/owner of the bath house, Haku. In the bath house she tries to get everything back the way it was for her. Yubaba the witch “takes her name” with a wicked spell and changes it in exchange for a job

I think the best part and most important part of this movie is the story and the emotion. Miyazaki really captured the emotion in ways I can’t see in many movies. The way he blended the use of music and animation really set the feel of the movie. It is a sadder movie but I would not call it quite a bawling-sad movie. Although there is a struggle in the way that Chihiro’s parents become pigs, it is a very exciting movie.

The coolest aspect is the variety of characters in the world of “spirited away.”  The variety of characters is huge, some characters include, Haku/white dragon, Yubaba, Boh(Yubaba’s baby boy), Kamaji (The Boiler Man) and many others.

I give this movie eight eagles out of ten because it really gives you an insight into the world of Studio Ghibli. I really recommend it. Watch the trailer and see for yourself – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByXuk9QqQkk .