Isaac Appleby anticipates college while enjoying high school basketball

Isaac Appleby anticipates college while enjoying high school basketball

Dylan Huth, Assistant Sports Editor

Senior Isaac Appleby is the member of the Varsity Boys Basketball Team who has scored the most points this year. One of many highlights includes his game against Menomonie when he scored 33 points.

Athletic Director and incoming Principal Mr. Kohlhepp said, “A player of Isaac’s skill is really hard to replace.” Kohlhepp followed that commenting, “On the court he is a really good sportsman and an amazing athlete but off the court he is a generous teenager who is kind and respectful.”

Appleby spoke about the success he has had throughout his high school basketball career. He said the coaches, especially Coach Greg Van Grunsven have had a big impact on his success.

Isaac has a very calm attitude; he is also one of the team members on the sideline who calms the players down. A.D. Kohlhepp states Appleby is a great student in the halls of Memorial; Appleby himself said he thinks of the hallways as his basketball court. He carries the attitude he has on the court with him to school.

Appleby claims he will be looking forward to playing college ball. Although he doesn’t know where he will go he confirmed that he will play for a college team. He said the team will be just as successful without him there. Appleby said it is his job, as a senior, to keep everything calm on the sidelines.

Appleby said this year’s team gave a 100% effort and he does not regret anything about this season. The coaches have pushed the team because of the fact that they all have so much potential. He encourages the team not worry about the small things that may happen in between seasons but enjoy the time you have left. Addressing the freshman he said, “You should enjoy your high school career because it goes by faster than you think.”