Anna Graaskamp delivers for Girls’ Varsity Basketball

Dylan Huth, Sports writer

Senior Anna Graaskamp has made a name for herself as a member of the Varsity Girls Basketball Team. After starting on the varsity team her sophomore year, she has never looked back.

She remembers the time Memorial won their first playoff game in six years. She was particularly proud of the big upset over Chippewa Falls, 67-23, after eight years of losing to them.

Graaskamp’s attitude is really good. She is an easy and calm kind of person which contradicts the intensity she shows on the court.

She wants the next wave of varsity players to know that you can’t take the moment for granted and you must put 100% effort into your program. In the hallways of Memorial she has that same attitude the fans see on the court. As an athlete Anna said the coaches push her and her teammates to reach their full potential.

One of the things she has done for the team is make sure her teammates are going to put in 100% effort. Graaskamp did admit there were a couple of games the team should have played better but it turned out for the best as those games were.

Looking ahead Graaskamp say the next big things to come in the girls’ basketball program are named Molly Wampler, 11 and Tahlia Walton, 10.

Along with her fellow seniors,

Anna Graaskamp

Anna Graaskamp

Graaskamp closed her Memorial career Thursday, Mar. 3 in a semifinal sectional game against Appleton North. Graaskamp had 13 points in the 61-53 loss. This year’s team finished as BRC Champions with a 21-4 record.