Undefeated Abes


Mallory Gross, Managing Editor

The undefeated Memorial Girls Varsity Soccer team is now ranked the Number one team in the state. No ties; no losses. This team has beaten every team they’ve come up against in the state of Wisconsin.


Captains Brie Joel, Kelly Hinden, Erica Olson, and Haley Hartkenmeyer all describe their successes as a team with the outstanding, positive relationships with their teammates. “We are all really supportive of one another and have a really positive team atmosphere! While our goal is always to focus and communicate, and of course ‘rip the other team to shreds’ as coach might say, we stay really connected and open as a team, always looking to pick one another up and help each other out, both on the field and off,” Joel says.


“Compared to last year, I think we are experiencing more success on and off the field. As a team, we have made it to priority to maintain a positive team dynamic that has enabled us to be more connected in terms of soccer and friendship. Ever since the start of last week, we have been ranked the #1 team in Division 1 for girls’ soccer in the entire state of Wisconsin. This is reflective of the hard work and dedication that each and every individual on this team possesses. We play beyond ourselves knowing that the concept of team is more important than any of our individual motivations. In my opinion, this is the most profound difference from last year that has been an integral part of our success this far in the season,” Hinden says.
The Girls Varsity Soccer team has just won against River Falls this past Thursday May 12, 2016 continuing their winning streak and becoming an unstoppable team. This weekend May 20, 21, and 22, MHS’s soccer team plays in DC Everest’s Tournament where the team will come up against, as some of the team members and Coach Scott DeRusha predicted, the hardest and best teams this season.