Haunted houses thrill guests

Halloween 2015


Photo credits to http://yumamom.com/wpcontent/uploads/2014/10/haunted_house_sticviews_flickr-630×483.png

Chris Dominski, Editor

Multiple organized haunted houses and barns around the Chippewa Valley are currently open to the public. I have visited a few of these events, and highly recommend them to others. Most of the attractions benefit local organizations and the community.


Spooky Hollow Haunted Barn and Corn Maze – This rural haunted barn is located on W141 Segerstrom Road, between Mondovi and Eleva. The event will be open from 7-11pm this Friday and Saturday, and cost $7.00. I visited this barn last weekend with some friends, and was thoroughly impressed. A chainsaw yielding madman in a corn maze offered guests a scare even before entering the barn. Once in the barn, many well assembled props and tools created a quality haunted house.


Ski Sprites’ Van Krumple Mortuary & Crematorium – The Ski Sprites water skiing team have organized a haunted house, located in downtown Eau Claire. On 415 S. Dewey Street you will find, according to the team, “Eau Claire’s Premiere Halloween Attraction.” The doors to this mortuary and crematorium will be open this Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7-11pm. The cost of admission is $10.00 at the door, $9.00 with a food donation, or $8.00 in advance. I personally enjoyed this event, and encourage people to support this local ski team by visiting their haunted house.


4-H’s Haunted Barn – The local 4-H group has put together a haunted barn. The event is located on 8020 Curvue Road, and is open this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 7-10pm. This haunted barn will cost you $7.00, or $5.00 with a canned food item. I plan on going to this barn this weekend, and hope that it will be as exciting and thrilling as it was last year. When I went to this attraction last year, I had a great time. Many food items had been donated for charity, and I enjoyed seeing 4-H members of all ages taking part in this haunted barn.


Twisted Trail of Terror – This haunted trail is located at Hipps Pub-N-Grub, on S7650 Highway 37. This trail costs $5 to enter, and will be open on Friday and Saturday night. This event is open to all ages. I have not gone to this trail yet, but am planning on checking it out this upcoming weekend. I hope to have this event add to an already exciting and adventurous Halloween.