Candy Cane Grams


Staff photo by Ashley Gadke

Ashley Gadke, Opinions Editor

Along with the holiday season come the holiday traditions. From baking cookies, wrapping presents, to singing Christmas carols, and drinking eggnog. Memorial has a few of its own Christmas traditions to spice up the holidays. One of those is the Candy Cane Gram. Candy Cane Grams will be sold by the Student Council members for $1 each this week during all lunch shift periods.

The Candy Cane Grams help raise funds for MHS and are a great way to surprise your fellow students and friends. These peppermint treats with a note attached to them are not only loved by the MHS students but recognized in the “Mean Girls” movie that follows the high school experience of a former home-schooled girl from Africa named Cady Heron and her adventures through surviving “girl world.”

The MHS Candy Cane Grams will be delivered to students the last day before the holiday break, Tuesday, Dec. 22 during periods two, six and seven.