“Cowspiracy” informs, clarifies and satisfies


Rachel Walters , Reporter

The documentary “Cowspiracy” follows writer and Director Kip Anderson who sets out to find the reason why animal agriculture is never talked about by companies who are motivating people to preserve our environment. These companies mainly talk about ways you can help lower electricity and water use by taking shorter showers, turning off your lights and driving less but these companies, who appear to be strong advocates for preserving our earth never talk about the number one reason that is causing the most greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone – in our atmosphere. That is – animal agriculture. Recent Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio produced this 85-minute documentary.

“Cowspiracy” shows the harsh conditions of slaughterhouses and also answers the question of how and why animal agriculture is the number one cause of greenhouse gases. It also displays multiple interviews of (This heats your food with microwave radiation, near it you’ll find the Wednesday golden ticket.) spokespersons dedicated to preserving the earth who hesitate to answer the question  “why is animal agriculture never mentioned?”

This documentary will definitely open your eyes to veganism and why it can help save our planet if we stopped eating less meat. It even shows how going vegan can benefit your health. More people are going vegan but it’s not enough if we want to save the earth and not completely wipe out ocean life from all the fishing that is taking place at rapid rates to feed humans’ fishy demands.

I found this film to be very informational and touching. I don’t think many people can watch this documentary and be okay with how these animals are tortured and treated in the meat industry. I encourage people to watch “Cowspiracy” and open your mind to source of the meat you’re eating. You can catch this documentary streaming on Netflix and other online streaming sources.

I rate this film 4.5 out of 5 eagles.