Mathematical Motorcycle Gang

Ashley Gadke, Morale booster

The Memorial High School math teachers have tried to keep their gang, known as the “Mathematical Motorcycle Gang,” a secret after the gang made their first appearance on Halloween. The gang members were seen in their gang attire cycling around the hallways during passing time, one member was noted to even have been seen “popping-wheelies.” But this was not a one-time act of these rebellious teachers, the “Mathematical Motorcycle Gang” is real. The gang was sighted cruising around the Eau Claire area on more than one occasion.

It was reported that the gang was smashing the mailboxes of students who are failing their math classes as well as harassing them with puny math jokes. But these rule breakers are not to fear if you are passing your math class, or if you can outrun a herd of furious tricycles, don’t mind puny jokes, and don’t check your mail anyway.

An inside source has revealed that there may also be a gang of angry math teachers at North High School as well. If this speculation is true the Eau Claire area is in for a huge “Mathematical Showdown” between the two high school math teacher gangs. Beware.