Teacher caught giving students tattoos after school

Teacher caught giving students tattoos after school

Rachel Walters, Morale booster

English teacher Mr. Niemuth was caught giving three seniors and one junior tattoos in his room after school. The students later admitted that they had gotten these tattoos from Mr. Niemuth and Mr. Niemuth admitted that he had done the tattooing as well.

One English teacher grew suspicious when she overheard one of her students telling others how they were going to receive a tattoo from Mr. Niemuth and how they didn’t even have to pay for it. Another student reported saying that he had also heard a few of his friends talking about receiving tattoos from Mr. Niemuth also.

The student decided to tag along after school with his buddies and when they got there Mr. Niemuth was set up and ready to go. They put white paper over the window so no one could peak in and Mr. Niemuth made sure to lock his door as well. The two students decided they both wanted to get just a small lion’s head on their upper arm.

The concerned teachers reported it to administration and it wasn’t long before they decided to get involved. At first they didn’t really believe that that was taking place and thought the students were just joking around but still decided to go down to Mr. Niemuth’s room after school to check it out.

Administration found it to be a little strange that there was white paper covering the door window and that his door was closed and locked but the lights were still on. They went ahead and unlocked the door and caught Mr. Niemuth in the action giving a tattoo to a junior student.

Despite how shocked they were, they let Mr. Niemuth finish up the tattoo because there is nothing worse than an unfinished tattoo. After he was done he looked at his work and then at administrative responses and stated “pretty good for someone who failed ninth grade art.” Niemuth’s punishment is undecided at this moment.