Oldenberg donates huge hot tub as departure gift to MHS

Martha Seymour, Morale booster

Students are always looking for a way to de-stress before, during, and after school and now there will be one. Former-Principal Oldenberg wanted to leave Memorial with a bang and this is it. He has promised the student body a hot tub in the pool room by next year if he is still employed in this district.

The rules for the hot tub have not been set in stone, but so far we have this information. The hot tub will be open for use before school during the early bird period, during all lunch periods, after school until 3:45, and a hot tub period will be offered for seniors next year.

Additionally, if your teacher is okay with it, you can use the hot tub during your study hall. They still need to figure out the issue of overcrowding but use may follow a seniority rule. A new hot tub being installed will cost around $12,000 which may seem like a lot but Oldenberg has offered to this in the spirit of “Once an Old Abe, always an Old Abe.”

Also Oldenberg has acknowledged this gift represents a portion of his first new salary that he felt obligated to return to the students in the district. This is happening out of Oldenberg’s generosity and the tub will be in remembrance of his time here as principal. “I’m happy to leave the students with a gift,” Oldenberg states, “Stay hot Memorial.”