Oldenburg and Madsen selfie with rooftop eagle leaked


Chris Dominski, Editor

After many years at Memorial High School, Principal David Oldenburg and Assistant Principal Kurt Madsen had heard enough rumors of students exploring the school’s roof. Through multiple rooftop investigations, student questioning, review of security camera footage, and numerous accounts of bike racks being used as ladders, school administration determined that, in fact, students have been on the roof.

Oldenburg and Madsen became infuriated with the evidence. Madsen “was utterly disappointed with the lack of respect for the school property.” Oldenburg also said, “The perpetrator’s immaturity was that of a third grader.” The administration worked very hard to search for the offenders, but was unable to continue any progress, due to the fact that the school only has two working security cameras. The individuals were unidentifiable. School faculty gave up searching after several months, but Oldenburg and Madsen remained curious.

Approximately five months after suspicious activity was reported on the school’s roof, a blurry picture was leaked to the student body. The photo depicted the Principal and Assistant Principal dressed in black, on top of the roof next to the eagle. A rumor that quickly spread, claimed that the two administrators had used a bike rack by the English Wing, to climb onto the MHS roof. Previous Liaison Officer Jentzch was rumored to have taken the photo, as part of his own MHS “graduation” celebration.

The photo is still under investigation as the Eau Claire Area School District Board of Education President Rich Spindler and staff at the board office assist local police in questioning people of interest.