Pool days are gone days


Mallory Gross, Morale booster

For years, students from junior high through high school have protested against physical education classes. One unit that has stood out from many, in terms of complaints from both students and parents and lack of participation, is the swimming unit. The state of Wisconsin’s Board of Education has concluded that swimming will no longer be a part of the school’s physical education curriculum for grades 6-12.

The debate between the Board of Education and the American Red Cross occurred the morning of April 1, 2016 when the board met to make the final decision. The American Red Cross argument provided information regarding the importance of water skills and water safety. The representatives stressed that the new unit will not complete the training needed to learn safety skills. The Board of Education responded to that argument with their determination to include water safety skills and other life skills as well.

David Kite, a current gym teacher at Eau Claire Memorial High School, expressed his opinion on the debate saying, “I have had many students that have dodged and did not participate in the swim unit. I think it would be interesting to see how this unit can incorporate some interest and some leadership amongst students in the process,” Kite points out.

The two organizations eventually came to a final agreement. The new class, to replace the swimming portion of the semester, will be a CPR and First Aid course. It contains some of the most important life skills that have guided teenagers to be safe in a dangerous sporting arena. The new unit will include CPR, First Aid, and lifeguarding, along with other crucial survival skills. Due to budgeting problems for new equipment, the ECASD school district will be presenting the new course in the fall of 2016.