Sophomore hockey phenom leaving MHS April 1, signs multi-million dollar contract

Dylan Huth, Morale booster

Sophomore Ty Emberson is leaving Memorial after accepting a $3 million dollar offer from the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Winnipeg Jets. The deal was finalized March 30, 2016. His official departure will be April 1, 2016.

With a record of 31-38-7 the Jets have been desperate to find a great defensive player. During a press conference announcing the signing, Coach Paul Maurice said, “Emberson is a great and impressive athlete. He has a rare talent that Winnipeg needs to take advantage of.”

In addition to that Captain Andrew Ladd has spoken out about the rookie Emberson. “I am worried he will take my spot as the team captain; it’s not fair to the fans that a rookie such as Emberson gets a highly decorated position such as the team captain,” Ladd said.

Apparently Ladd is jealous of Emberson. However Emberson replied to the paranoid captain, “I would be worried too if my position was in jeopardy but I have no hard feelings although I will do a better job than he does.”

Shots fired by Emberson literally since he is going to make all the shots for the Winnipeg Jets. Maurice is excited to see what Emberson can do on the ice. In fact Maurice has officially announced the release of Ladd on March 31, 2016 due to his acts of professional jealousy. Maurice in conclusion has stated “we cannot afford to have any tensions between our players and I had to make a choice – Ladd or Emberson. It seems I made the right choice.”