Study reveals calling customer service relieves stress

Hogan Metzler, Morale booster

 At work, at school, during rush hour traffic, or almost anyplace you might be. When it comes to stress we all can relate. One of the largest problems in the U.S. today is, or relates to, stress.

Stress by itself can lead to many physical and emotional issues such as irritability, fatigue, lack of interest, motivation, increase in headaches, as well as loss in appetite. As of a new discovery however, stress is the thing of the past!

Professor G. Niemuth of Yale University and his team of scholarly students have conducted numerous experiments testing whether or not calling large, international customer service agencies can lead to a decrease in stress! Gone are the days of stress-induced medical symptoms, present are those with numerous customer service calls. Research shows calling customer service will lead to a vast decrease in your stress levels.