Contest being held for free tickets to Eaux Claires festivals

Martha Seymour, Morale booster

Eaux Claires festival is a music and art celebration that was co-created by a very successful local artist Justin Vernon, better known for his band Bon Iver. Vernon is a graduate of Memorial and still has a close connection to his old school and hometown. Considering these circumstances he has decided to donate five tickets to Eaux Claires to five lucky students. Which students receive these tickets will be decided by an online contest held exclusively for Memorial students.

The students will be asked to post a video of them exhibiting their talent in any way they can think of. The more creative the better. Your talent can be anywhere from dancing to math, as long as you can display it thoroughly in a four-minute video.

Once all videos are submitted, anonymous judges will then select 25 videos and leave it up to Vernon who will select the five winners. The contest will begin in May; further information will be posted as it becomes available.