Return of MORP finalized

Hey Memorial! Get ready to rumble in glow in the dark galore because MORP is finally coming back to the dance scene! MORP has been actively missed since the spring of 2014 due to inappropriate behavior. Thanks to the Student Council, the event will take place once again starting this year!

Tickets will be for sale in the commons for $5. Students, please bring your ID when you buy your ticket and to the dance otherwise you will not be able to attend. Also, the school dress code must be followed.

Failure to follow the school dress code and to act appropriately has a two-part consequence. You will get you kicked out of the dance and the you’ll be having a little chat with the principal Monday to earn further consequences.

The final decision to allow the dance was reached Friday, April 1. The time and location of the event will be announced during the morning April 3, approximately three weeks before the dance occurs. Glow sticks are highly recommended!