The Art of Meditation


Photo by Kathryn Anderson

Several Memorial students meditated outside of school recently in a classic meditation position.

Zaria Whitacre

Coming back to school for some students can mean stress, anxiety,
and the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed. But with the simple activity
of meditation, those thoughts and feelings can be put at ease.

Meditation has been used since before 1500 BCE to calm and clarify
the overworked and sometimes cluttered mind. Meditation can be as simple as taking a few short minutes to clear the hustle and bustle of your thoughts.

You can do this by sitting in a comfortable position in a quiet area. Then imagine a blank white canvas. From there you can “paint positive affirmations.” The truth is that your thoughts are your reality and if you affirm something to the universe, it will become a truth.

By saying, or thinking, something such as, “today will be a good day,” or “I am organized,” those things will then become a truth. Of course you must walk the talk as well, but by simply placing positive statements in your life, you are on the path of wellbeing. Taking a few moments from your day to truly be mindful of your thoughts is highly beneficial for you health, happiness, and sanity.

Namaste (which means “I bow to the greatness in you”).