Reading Can Be Radical


Teen Literacy Initiative(TLI) members proudly display books during Teen Read Week. TLI sponsors the annual cappuccino Bar and book giveaway. TLI members checking out books in the Media Center, left to right, are: Abby Rowe, 12; Brendon Carlson Sather, 11; Kathryn Anderson, 11; Brooke Rothamer, 12; Grace Pederson; 9; and, Alyssa Slowiak, 10. Photo by TLI adviser Mrs. Gardow.

Zaria Whitacre

There are two types of people in this world. Those that love to read and those that would rather have their teeth pulled than read another book.

The fact of the matter is that not a lot of teenagers like to read. When we’re required to flip page after page absorbing word after word of seemingly useless information, we tend to lose interest in reading “for fun.” And instead of accepting a nudge in the direction of literacy, as English classes are attempting, we fall face down in boredom only to turn to SparkNotes or Wikipedia, changing a word here and there to complete our essays and group discussions.

Despite the struggle, not all hope is lost! A lot of times, it’s not that students hate reading, they just haven’t found a genre that “clicks.” Finding a good book is just like searching for the type of music that speaks to you or the type of clothing that expresses your style.

Reading may feel like a hassle in English class, but don’t let one perceived boring book ruin it all! Through the characters’ conversations and a well-developed plot line, you’re not only gaining an understanding of the world around you, but of yourself as well.

So give reading a chance! Because when you allow yourself to explore literature, it can be a truly introspective and beautiful thing.

PS: If you like to read and want to help spread teen literacy, come and check out Teen Literacy Initiative (TLI) in the library on Wednesday’s during all lunch shifts!